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For over 13 years we have been running our Sputnik Girls’ Home spending around 400,000.00 Rupees per month to meet our essential expenses such as the salaries for our 10 staff, maintenance costs, including electricity and gas, as well as the paramount expenditure on food, good health care and the education of the children.

Sadly, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic and the recent economic crisis, our income from student enrollments at our Sputnik Japanese Campus, which is the main funder of the Girls’ Home, has dropped considerably. Hence, we find ourselves running the Girls’ Home on a greatly reduced income and now feel we must reach out to well- wishers all over the world for support. So, we decided to launch our ‘365’ Appeal, a search for 1095 (365 X 3) supporters to sponsor the children’s meals on just one meal (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner) a year.

Providing our girls with the nutritious meals they need, costs LKR 10,000 – 15,000 per meal, if it is from overseas currency, approximately Pound Sterling 30 / EURO 30 / USD 35 / AUD 50 / JPY 5,000. If you could pledge just one meal per year to sponsor the Girls’ Home’s meals for that single day, it would help to free up our stretched resources to cover the other essential needs of running the Girls’ Home: the education, good health care and protection of our girls, as well as paying our dedicated staff’s salaries.

You can reserve one of the available dates online using the link Here and become the sponsor of one meal (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner) on that particular day, just once every year. Of course, you can sponsor the whole day or several meals per year. Your chosen day may be to mark a memorable date in your life or to celebrate your or a close relative's birthday. We will be delighted and honored to provide that day's meal in your name on your chosen day, every year. All the girls and staff will know that you are that meal's sponsor and we will send you photographs taken on your special day, as well as messages from the children and staff.


If you are able to join our ‘365’ Appeal by sponsoring the Sputnik Girls’ Home meals on just one day a year, your support would make an invaluable contribution towards providing the nutrition and loving, professional care we offer our 20 resident girls, for many years to come.

I also warmly invite you all to visit us in person here in Sri Lanka to witness the wellbeing of the children who are growing up under the care, protection and guidance of our dedicated staff, as well as the generous support from our friends all over the world.

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